2013 it wasn’t the best year, ok i had fun, but not how i used to do , i didn’t like this year because i miss my family, friends, handout with friends, play with my dad, do whatever i fucking want. this life is not easy without the people you love.
This year i get more closer to my daddy’s family, and i am happy for that, but in the other hand i just want to life my life is not easy go to be and ask yourself: would i be happy again? Can i be happy again? How long do i have to put a fake smile in my face? How long do i have to act like a happy person? All these questions that i cannot find an answer for them !

“I just want to die, cut myselft, drink a lot and fall to sleep and never wake up, because i just want to die.”
“This feeling is killing, maybe you feel exactly what i feel, nothing, you know that sometimes is wrong,but you don’t really know what it is!, you just hate that feeling but you just are asking your self: HOW CAN I TAKE OUT THIS FUCKING FEELING? you the only thing that u looking for is an fucking answer that u dint find it.”

Read books? my Drug,I love read ! ❤😍✋